Llama trekking: Huasamayo, 1/2 day

Difficulty: (light, for the family).
Highest altitude: 2500 meters a.s.l
Full trip duration: 4 hs. (Trekking time: about 2 hs.)
Departure hour: 10:00 AM.
Arrival hour: 2:00 PM.
Departure location: Llama yard
Time of the year: it can be done any month of the year.

This is the lightest tour, ideal for families with small children or for people who just want to enjoy a relaxing walk. We walk through a path, along the Huasamayo River, which forms “La Garganta del diablo” (Devil´s Gorge) surrounded by the spectacular landscape of La Quebrada de Humahuaca. After 45 minutes of trekking we arrive to the canyon foot. We download the llamas and prepare camping tables and chairs to have a nice lunch. After a short break, we return to the Corral to end the trip.

For a minimum of: two guests.
(Fees in pesos ARS until July 2019)
Fee per person (shared services):
* ADULTS: $ 2000 (u$s 50)
* UNDER TWELVE : $ 1600 (u$s 40)
It includes: Guide (Spanish); full lunch with quality wine (picnic, vegetarian option available); water during the walk.
We recommend bringing hat, jacket, trekking shoes and sun block.

We advise to book the tours with some anticipation to guarantee a place, and for that we ask an advance payment of half the cost of the trip through a bank deposit.

Download Huasamayo (pdf)


  • english
  • spanish
  • française
  • Certificado SIGO



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